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Elicitus Authoring Tool Announces New Version
January 2007 - Rapid Interactive Course Authoring in Minutes
December 2006 - Elicitus Product Support Elucidated
June 2006 - Elicitus ScenarioMaker add dynamic scenarios to static content: Static course pages get transformed into dynamic scenarios by leveraging the power of scripting.
April 2006 - Elicitus Lite enters the market: Elicitus Lite released with a swanky user interface, cutting edge technology and an unbelievable price tag.
January 2006 - Elicitus Suite Reorganized and Upgraded: Additional benefits usher in better value for Elicitus users.
November 2005 - Elicitus Interactivity Builder 2.0 Live Demos Now Online: Users Choose Webinars to Evaluate and Express their Thumbs-Up Verdict
October 2005 - Elicitus Interactivity Builder Elevates the Standards of Interactivity Authoring: New Release Out, Library Now Includes Over 100 Customizable Interactivity Models
September 2005 - Rapid Authoring Gets Easier and More Powerful: Elicitus 5.5 Released with Dozens of New User-Oriented Features and Technology Upgrades
August 2005 - Rapid Interactive Authoring Gathers Momentum: Elicitus Interactivity Builder Users Report Huge Benefits
July 2005 - Announcing Elicitus Interactivity Builder: World’s First and Only Rapid Interactivity Authoring Tool
May 2005 - Add powerful assessment capabilities to your eLearning courses
April 2005 - New breakthrough in PowerPoint to e-learning conversion: Elicitus SlideConverter adds more power to its industry-leading feature set
March 2005 - Elicitus allows creating courses in many languages supported by Unicode
December 2004 - Harbinger Group Opens Center of Excellence in eLearning Technology
November 2004 - Elicitus SlideConverter released: Trainers can now leverage existing PowerPoint® presentations to create eLearning
October 2004 - Elicitus generates avid interest at Training Fall '04 in San Francisco, USA
September 2004 - Elicitus extends flexibility for authors
August 2004 - Custom Content Drives eLearning Success
July 2004 - Are you thinking about Workflow Learning?

June 2004 - Elicitus import feature creates waves in authoring circles

May 2004 - Strategic Alliance with HMS Northwest
April 2004 - Elicitus Glossary Builder - redefining the glossary paradigm
March 2004 - Elicitus 4.5 - Remarkable Content Import Possibilities
February 2004 - Productivity4you Limited to Market Elicitus in the United Kingdom and Ireland
January 2004 - Singapore's Changi International Airport Services Chooses Elicitus For Security And Passenger Handling Training
December 2003 - Infinesys uses Elicitus to develop an e-learning module for Cisco-Linksys
November 2003 - Affordable Progress Tracking System now available for Elicitus
October 2003 - Learning Circuits' reviews Elicitus
September 2003 - Elicitus used in a `learning factory'
August 2003 - Use Elicitus to make interactive CDs
July 2003 - Elicitus Serves a Global Player
June 2003 - Save Resources with SCORM compliance
May 2003 - Elicitus at ASTD 2003
April 2003 - Avail of an Elicitus Tutorial - FREE
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