Strategic Partners

Firms that want to strengthen their value proposition to their customers by adding Elicitus and professional services.

  Benefits of Partnering

Consultants can augment their services with a product in the eLearning space.

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  Harbinger Systems Inc.

Companies that are looking for authoring and content publishing tools to be incorporated into their products.

  Benefits of Partnering

  • Technology vendors round out their offering by adding authoring capability
  • e-Learning content vendors add the authoring capability to take care of custom content requirements

To join our OEM partner program, write to us now at

The Elicitus output is successfully tested with the Learning Management Systems provided by the technology partners.

  Benefits of Partnering

The users of the technology partners vendor's LMS can be sure that Elicitus output works smoothly with the Learning Management System.

To join our technology partner program, write to us now at

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