Raptivity for Elicitus
Create true learning outcomes with meaningful interactivity: Raptivity, our award-winning interactivity builder, allows you to quickly and easily create learning interactions such as learning games, branching simulations, brainteasers, interactive diagrams and virtual worlds. You can embed these interactions right into your online courses to improve learner engagement. Or simply to jazz up your online content.

With Raptivity, you get:

  • Pre-built library of over 180+ customizable learning interactions
  • Popular games, scenario based simulations, videos, 3D objects and even virtual worlds
  • Single Flash file output: Learning interactions fit right into your eLearning content
  • SCORM/ AICC trackable interactions: Track completion status, scores and responses

The advantage of Raptivity or Elicitus is that it is seamlessly integrated with Elicitus. This means eLearning authors can invoke it directly from Elicitus, and integrate its output readily into Elicitus courses.

Raptivity leverages widely accepted and ubiquitous Flash Player plug-in to play the interactivities. Interactivities created using Raptivity can be published for royalty free distribution.

You require Flash Player 8 or above installed on your machine for using Raptivity. Please download the latest version of Flash Player from www.adobe.com.

For a 14 days free evaluation copy of Raptivity for Elicitus, click here.


  • Elicitus works with Raptivity v5.5 onwards. One can invoke Raptivity v5.5 and above from “Insert Interactivity” option of Elicitus.
  • Elicitus supports Raptivity tracking for v6.0 and above. It tracks score and completion status of Raptivity interactions in the course.

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